Franco: UNL aims to reduce disrespectful language and behavior

“Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever!” is our focused campus-wide campaign aimed at reducing disrespectful language and behavior. Our student population is growing in diversity, and that presents opportunities for broadening our appreciation for a global citizenry.

We are off to a great start with several meetings meant to bring cohesion to the campaign and development of new programs geared to addressing diversity and climate issues.

The campaign framework identifies many of the programs already in place. Read the complete list here:

Very importantly, it also lists programs and projects in the planning stages.

Finally, it also lists long-term programs that are being considered.

UNL provides many opportunities for students to connect with students from backgrounds and cultures different from their own. It is also a place where issues related to diversity can be discussed in open and frank ways.

While the list of programs and activities that are already in place is long, recent events dictate that more needs to be done. Some activities that are already being planned include the following:
• Educational workshops
• Enhanced incident reporting process
• Enhancement of the NSE multicultural education for new students
• Meetings with small groups to further refine campaign goals and to begin the process of implementing new programs.

As we begin our dialogue with the phrase, “Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever!” as a statement that demands an end to disrespectful language and conduct, it is my hope that we can elevate all that is positive about embracing our differences as a critical element of becoming citizens of the world.

Juan N. Franco
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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