What to Wear to a Career Fair

You have heard it and you know it’s true: first impressions count. As you approach an employer at the Career Fair, what you are wearing communicates a good deal before you say a word. Choose your attire carefully to present a professional image. For the Career Fair, you should go 'Professional' or 'Business Casual.' The definitions of professional and business casual vary by industry and organization as well as position, but here are some general guidelines.

Start with a neutral-color suit in a solid or very subtle stripe or pattern.

• Women
- pants or skirt (knee-length with tights or hose)
- conservative blouse or shell
- simple jewelry and make-up
- closed-toe, polished leather shoes

• Men
- long-sleeved collared shirt
- conservative tie
- polished leather shoes with matching color socks
- leather belt the same color as shoes

While business casual allows for greater flexibility and creativity, always strive for neat, clean, and well put together.

• Stock up on:
- leather shoes and belts
- sport coats (men) and fitted jackets (women)
- dark jeans, trousers and skirts (knee-length)
- button shirts and blouses
- sweater vests (men) and sweater sets (women)

• Stay away from:
- athletic clothing including sneakers and flip-flops
- rips, holes and wrinkles
- too tight or too revealing clothes
- inappropriate logos, images and messages