Social Justice Talks: Living Activism

Social Justice Talks
Social Justice Talks

Would you like to build your skills as a social justice activist? “Social Justice Talks: Living Activism” is scheduled for Wednesday, October 28 at the Sheldon Museum of Art from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.

We have invited 12 local activists whose work covers a range of issues, and are inviting up to 60 students. Participants begin with dinner with at least one of our guest activists at each table, followed by several 5 minute “Ted Talks” each focusing on a specific skill to help you succeed in changing the world. After the talks we return to the tables for discussion with the speaker you are most interested in learning from. We probably don’t need to mention this is a great networking opportunity.

Please register on-line at as soon as possible to reserve your place at this exciting workshop. Please help us share this invitation with other students.

If you have questions about this event please contact one of the organizers listed below.

Jan Deeds

Linda Major

Pat Tetreault

Sylvia Hall

Belinda Hinojos

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