Education Abroad Trip for First Year Students to Belize

Education Abroad Trip for First Year Students to Belize
Education Abroad Trip for First Year Students to Belize

Program Highlights
•Learn from local experts on various topics, ranging from Mayan history and culture to the role of NGOs and community based organizations in Belize
•Meet with community leaders to learn about Mayan modern life and culture
•Explore Mayan ruins and intricate cave systems in Belize City and San Ignacio
•Learn about the ecology and environment of Belize

Course of Study
Through this 7-day program set in Belize City and San Ignacio, Belize, students will get an opportunity to experience traveling abroad and learning the value of international education. In addition, participants will be able to understand the socio-cultural, political, economic, linguistic, and historic experiences of Belize as an ancient and modern nation. Participants will also be able to understand the rich history of ancient and modern Mesoamerican cultures and its peoples through reading and exploring historical, archaeological and contemporary sites. Lastly, participants will gain an insight into the benefits of international education.

Course Credit
Global Studies (GLST) 101 – Windows to the World (1 credit)

The prerequisites for the course are permission of the instructors and trip expense deposits being made by the due dates.

All students must be enrolled as a freshman at UNL during the application process and complete at least 12 credits by the start of the program.

Additional required qualifications are 1) a GPA of 2.75 or higher, and 2) student must not have participated in an organized education abroad program in the past.

Faculty Leaders
The course will be led by Dr. Radha Balasubramanian and Dr. Emira Ibrahimpasic. Dr. Balasubramanian and Dr. Ibrahimpasic are educators passionate about international education. Both are avid travelers who have deep commitments to promoting global issues and hands-on learning while traveling. Dr. Balasubramanian is Professor in the Department of Modern Languages and Director of the Global Studies program. Dr. Ibrahimpasic is a trained cultural anthropologist and the coordinator/advisor for Global Studies, and has taught in various other departments including Anthropology, Educational Psychology and Global Studies.

Dr. Ibrahimpasic, 314 Seaton Hall,, (402) 472-2150

Dr. Balasubramanian, 307 Seaton Hall,, 402-472-3827

Field Location:
Nestled between Mexico and Guatemala is the peaceful and ecologically diverse country of Belize. With more than 65% of the country covered by lush rainforest and 150 species of mammals, including 540 species of birds and 600 species of freshwater and marine fishes, there is ample opportunity to experience biodiversity in Belize.

Spanning the length of the coastline is the second largest barrier reef on earth, which is a world heritage site. The ancient Mayan ruins in the mountains date back to 500 BC, and the ethnically diverse populations in Belize make for a unique and culturally enriching experience. In addition, the food in Belize is as diverse as its population and consists of a vast array of elements from the various ethnic groups represented in Belize.

Itinerary Highlights:
Guest Lectures: Indigenous people of Belize and Sustainable Community Development

Archaeological Sites: Xunantunich Maya, Lamanai and Cahal Pech.

Cultural Activities: Garifuna Cultural Dance Presentation and Guided Educational Tour of The Belize Zoo.

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