New Ways to Stay Physically Active at UNL

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1. Set Continual Goals with the LiveWell Challenge: If you are driven to go faster, longer, harder… or really like to be active outdoor, this may be the challenge for you. This event-centric program provides access to running, biking, stair climbing, adventures races, etc. Pay for the cost of the events and the Nebraska Sports Council will track your progress. Four or more event completions = medal. Registration:
2. Work as a team to achieve a collective goal and stay active: This FREE program encourages you work as an individual (as part of team UNL) or as a team to be active and/or be more mindful about your personal wellness. Register as an individual or group. UNL members have option of monthly challenge, including incentives…Registration:
3. What is the HealthyWage Team Challenge? A 12-week weight loss challenge inviting teams of five to compete in a friendly challenge to lose the highest percentage of weight.
• Over $18,000 in cash prizes, including:
o o 1 st place team: $10,000
o o 2 nd place team: $5,000
o o 3 rd place team: $3,000
• Cost: The registration fee is $70 per person or $23.33/month for 3 months. Registration fees are fully refunded for a 10% weight loss 6 months after the challenge ends. All employees, family members and friends can join in!
• Registration: Register by February 26th: