Free Film Screening - Spirits' Homecoming, 귀향

Free] Film Screening - Spirits' Homecoming, 귀향
Free] Film Screening - Spirits' Homecoming, 귀향

Open to public
Free admission with donation highly recommended.

The UNL Korean Student Association proudly presents a film screening event on April 29, 2016, 6:30pm at the Auditorium, Nebraska Union (City campus). After UC-Berkeley, USC, Penn State, and UIUC, UNL is the 5th university in the United States introduces a film, "Spirits' Homecoming", produced by a South Korean filmmaker, Jung-Rae Jo. Following UNL, U-IOWA and UC-Irvine are showing the film.

The film "Spirits' Homecoming" is based on the true story of Kang Il-Chul, who was forced to become a sex slave for the Imperial Army during the 1940s.

Born in 1928, she was taken by force to so-called 'Comfort Stations' by the Japanese army in 1943, when she was only sixteen years old. The movie portrays a teenage girl's struggle who was stripped of her human rights and dignity in the name
of war and the militarism.

Unlike Germany, modern day Japan government has not made amends for their war crimes of the past. Rather, the Rightist faction, which influences great control over Japanese politics insists on unacceptable arguments as they deny the forced conscription of Comfort Women along with other historically known war crime facts.

The film does not seek simply to criticize the Japanese government nor does it seek to provide shallow comfort for the victims. Instead, it aims to highlight the devastation and tragedy of the history caused by the military of Imperial Japan and to send heartily out the message that this cannot be repeated. So, we dare say that this is not the story of the ‘past’ but the ‘future’ for all. Furthermore, this is a ‘healing movie’ that focuses on alleviating the pain of the past.

Today, only a small number of victims remain alive. It is imperative that their stories be recorded and told to the world.

UNL Korean Student Association

Director of External Affairs
JooHyun (Julie) Kim

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