2017 Homecoming Blood Drive

Go Big Red; Give Big Red.
Go Big Red; Give Big Red.

The annual Homecoming Blood Drive is approaching and will run from September 18th-21st! Campus Red Cross Club will join American Red Cross and Nebraska Community Blood Bank in an effort to save the lives of hundreds! On Monday, CASNR on East Campus will join this life saving mission as well. This is the largest Blood Drive in the entire state of Nebraska, and due to the recent Hurricanes and forest fires within the country, the demand for blood is much higher than usual.

On Monday, there will be mobile blood banks at East and City campuses. Specifically, at the City Campus Union Plaza from 12pm-5pm, East Campus loop from 9am-3pm, and the East Campus Rec and Wellness Center from 10am-4pm. From Tuesday through Thursday, indoor blood drives will be held at City Campus, specifically at the Nebraska Union's Centennial Room from 10am-6pm.

With one pint of blood, up to three lives can be saved. Please sign-up online or stop by to donate! Walk-ins are welcome!

More details at: http://www.redcrossblood.org/give/drive/driveSearchList.jsp?zipSponsor=68508&range=5&zipFormat=true&sd=09/18/2017&ed=09/21/2017&dt=WB:DR:PL&&_requestid=197149#