Capitol Steps at the Lied Oct. 21


The Capitol Steps, a comedy troupe from Washington, D.C., will bring its insightful, irreverent and always amusing musical humor to the Lied Center for Performing Arts at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 21. The show will feature material from their latest album, "Liberal Shop of Horrors," released earlier this year.

The Capitol Steps began as a group of Senate staffers who set out to satirize the very people and places that employed them. In the years that followed, many of the Steps ignored the conventional wisdom ("Don't quit your day job!"), taken together, the performers have worked in a total of 18 Congressional offices and represent 62 years of collective House and Senate staff experience.

Since they began, the Capitol Steps have recorded more than 30 albums, including their latest, "Liberal Shop of Horrors," and their special 2009 holiday release, "Barackin' Around the Christmas Tree." They've been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS, and can be heard four times a year on National Public Radio stations nationwide during their "Politics Takes a Holiday" radio specials.

The material is updated constantly. Current examples include the Democrats' plan to defeat the deficit ("Return to Spenders") and our own thoughts for health care reform ("Cash for Codgers"). In addition, the Capitol Steps tackle such topics as Tiger Woods ("Fly of the Tiger") and South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford ("Don't Cry, I'm in Argentina"). But no matter who or what is in the headlines, the Capitol Steps will tackle both sides of the political spectrum and find all things equally foolish.

Ticket prices range from $30 to $40 for adults and $15 to $20 for students. Discounts are available for groups of 20 or more. For more information, go to or call 472-4747.

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