Dr. Franco: Enjoy Big Boi, social media responsibly


One of the advantages of attending UNL is the unique opportunities for on-campus social engagement. One such example is the student-planned Big Boi concert on the city campus greenspace this Thursday night.

During this event, the location-based social network Foursquare is inviting UNL students to check in on their site in the hopes of setting a new record for the most people checked in at one event. If you choose to participate, I encourage you to do so only after giving serious consideration to your privacy settings within Foursquare.

Obviously, UNL students have been actively using social media for some time now. Particularly as more people begin using location-based services, in which users share information about where they are, it is the right time for students to take a few minutes to review the privacy settings in all social media sites. You can set limits on how your information is shared, and it is your responsibility to understand both the opportunities and risks in participating.

Social engagement is part of the college experience. I hope you enjoy the social opportunities available at UNL responsibly – both on campus and online.

HOW TO review privacy settings in Foursquare:

-Log in to Foursquare
-In the navigation at the top, click on "Settings"
-Pay special attention to "Your Privacy Profile" and "Linked Accounts."

More information on privacy is available online:

More details at: http://foursquare.com/privacy