3 reasons your student should see a health center physical therapist

Physical Therapist Kelsey Gaston guides a student through a balance exercise.
Physical Therapist Kelsey Gaston guides a student through a balance exercise.

Physical therapy might not be the first thing that comes to mind when your student suffers from aches and pains, but maybe it should be.

Physical therapy isn’t just for recovering from an accident or injury. It encourages movement, increased range of motion and improved balance so that your student can live a high-quality life and enjoy the activities they love to do.

Here are a few reasons to consider taking advantage of the on-campus physical therapy services at the University Health Center.

Treat nagging aches and pains
Even at a young age, it’s common to experience pain that becomes bothersome and interferes with daily life. For many, the pandemic has created or exacerbated aches. If your student is experiencing increased stress levels, this could cause shoulder and neck pain. If your student is less active due to spending more time sitting, they may experience lower backaches. Physical therapy can teach them ways to improve their posture and move differently to protect their body mechanics.

Prevent injuries
If your student is active or participates in a sport, a physical therapist can help them focus on maintaining good form. Being aware of their body and the proper mechanics can keep them healthy and avoid injury that can take them away from the activity they enjoy. This is especially important for students who run long distances, lift weights, tumble or do gymnastics and participate in intramural sports.

Avoid surgery
Injuries can lead to a need for surgery, but sometimes surgery can be avoidable. Physical therapy can help your student increase their range of motion and reduce pain so that they can opt out of surgery altogether. If surgery is unavoidable, seeing a physical therapist ahead of the operation can give them tools to manage their recovery so that they have a better outcome post-surgery.

If your student is interested in treating their pain with physical therapy, encourage them to schedule a health center medical clinic appointment to obtain a doctor’s order. Once they have a doctor’s order, they can schedule a physical therapy appointment by calling 402.472.5000.

More details at: https://health.unl.edu/pt