ITS updates

With school in full swing at the University, there are a few news tidbits that involve technology.

Procurement Services is happy to announce the Apple Store is now available in eSHOP as a supplier for University of Nebraska-Kearney, Omaha and the Medical Center. The Lincoln campus, along with Central Administration, is expected to be live later in this fall. Please utilize the punch-out catalog in eSHOP when placing orders for Apple products. University-recommended, pre-configured bundles are available on the home page of the Apple Store punch-out for your convenience. These configurations reflect frequently purchased Apple items across the University system. The University has elected to remove the following categories within the Apple Computers Punch-out Catalog:
Apple Software
Gift Cards
Volume Licenses
To purchase Apple software and volume licenses, please use the Apple VPP Software form in eSHOP. For more information regarding the Apple Store punch-out site, review the quick reference guide.

We continue to review adding other suppliers to eSHOP as a tile, as we see fit into our strategic needs.

IT Procurement has completed the renewals for Adobe System ETLA and Microsoft, as well as continuing to renew eSHOP NeWare titles. Please visit the IT Procurement website for the software catalog for available titles:

Also please use the site to request a quote for software not found in the software catalog. There is a quote form available online to fill out. If there are any software questions, comments, or requests you are always welcome to email or call Sue Cuddeback at (402)472-4294.

As for the current software process, please engage with IT Procurement from the beginning. We can help in facilitating the review of the terms and conditions, acquiring the signatures of both parties and managing the software compliance review if it's needed. Next, remember that no department has signature authority to sign for software or agree to vendor terms for software. This must be brought to IT Procurement to follow the proper method to be reviewed:
And finally, all new software (software that has not been used by the University system in the past or currently) must be reviewed through the University Compliance Review to ensure it meets guidelines for enterprise architecture, security, accessibility, identity management, data and PCI.

If there are any questions, please contact us at and we will answer questions and help you with your purchase.

As we continue to move through Fiscal Year 2020, we have aligned our focus to benefit stakeholder’s needs. For this year we have focused on supplier reduction, automating processes, limiting use of Pcard, increasing written processes and discussions for compliance reviews, improving customer service, increasing use of cooperative contracts and continuing to seek out cost reduction opportunities. We also have continued to follow the ITS FY20 focus of security u-wide, IT accessibility, finding efficiencies and making IT affordable to students.

Remember the IT Procurement team is always available to help you navigate the technology purchasing category, including eSHOP purchases, non-catalog purchases, eBid situations, sourcing product, and contract reviews.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Claudette Biskup
Sourcing Specialist- Hardware

Sue Cuddeback
Software Distribution and Asset Manager

Scott Stremick
Senior IT Sourcing Manager