Accounts Payable moves to BSC

Procurement Services and Accounts Payable will now both be located in the Business Service Complex at 1700 Y Street. We are looking forward to this exciting move to have the two departments working closely together. Both teams will continue to operate as normal and their separate communication will continue:
Procurement Services:
Accounts Payable:
Below is information regarding Accounts Payable's move.

Who is relocating: UNL Accounts Payable Team

Why: To co-locate with Procurement Services as the University moves to a Procure and Pay model

Team members relocating: Sheila Stewart, Erin Stoddard, Kristy Rejda, Marlene Pyatt, Connie Guerra, Elenita Donley, Sherri Ehmke, Kali Hauschild, Jennifer Brown

When: Thursday, September 24, 2020

New address: 1700 Y Street, Lincoln, NE 68588-0623
Phone number: remains (402)472-2881

Fax number: changes to (402)472-2246

Email address: remains

Submitting all requests for payment: Since COVID and remote working, AP switched to an electronic submission process for all documents requiring payment. Electronic submission will continue to be the preferred method, even after a complete return to campus. For those departments mailing/dropping off documents to 401 Canfield, please switch to the new address listed above effective September 24. In addition, the expectation is for your department to work toward electronic submission (see attached for the guidelines) and to discontinue mailing/dropping off the documents.

Checks returned as requested by department: Pick up at 1700 Y Street. Park on the south side of BSC and enter the southwest door.

Questions: Contact Sheila Stewart at (402)472-8774 or email at