Fall RSO Registration Reminder

Check that your RSO is current
Check that your RSO is current

As you begin the school year, make sure your RSO is in compliance. All RSOs must complete these steps to remain active. Please email involved@unl.edu with any questions.

Step 1: Update your officers
Update your officers in your portal in NvolveU 2.0. Each club must have a President, Treasurer, Primary Programmer, and Advisor.

Step 2: Attend Annual Orientation
Your President, Treasurer, and Primary Programmer need to attend an Annual Orientation session. They can attend any session that fits their schedule.
NOTE: Officers should attend an Annual Orientation at their earliest convenience possible to ensure they have access to RSO services. Treasurers will be unable to access their SOFS account until they attend Orientation. Register online in NvolveU 2.0. Annual Orientations are listed in the calendar of events.

Steph 3: Account Balance Confirmation
Make sure your group’s Treasurer communicates with SOFS regarding your RSO’s current account balance.