Playfair Registration Deadline is TODAY (August 16)


Student Involvement is excited to be hosting the Big Red Welcome kick-off event Playfair on Wednesday, August 21 at 8pm!

To make the event successful and run smoothly we need 100 returning students to serve as student facilitators. Playfair is the ultimate icebreaker. First year students are invited to participate on their first day on campus in this high-energy event designed for them to meet as many people as possible. Student facilitators will meet with the Lead Facilitator and go through an hour-long training that will cover expectations, the progression of the event, how the various games work, and ask any questions. We’ll even feed you and provide a free t-shirt! For the most part, you are participating in the event and helping our new students to feel welcome on campus. The 90-minute event will fly by and at the end you will have 100 new friends.

To get a sense of Playfair check out this short video. The student facilitators are in blue shirts. :)

Interested? Register now on GivePulse!

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