Atlases by SNR Geographers Recommended by Library Journal

Atlas of the Great Plains
Atlas of the Great Plains

SNR geographers were well-represented on the Library Journal’s Best Reference 2011 list, with significant contributions to two of the recommended works: "Atlas of the 2008 Elections" and "Atlas of the Great Plains."

J. Clark Archer and the late Steve Lavin are among the co-editors of "Atlas of the 2008 Elections," published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, one of the six items listed under Library Journal’s "Law and Politics" heading. Other editors were Stanley D. Brunn, Gerald R. Webster, Richard L. Morrill, and Fred M. Shelley.

Lavin, Archer and David Wishart, who wrote the foreword, are among the co-authors of "Atlas of the Great Plains," published by the University of Nebraska Press, one of the three items listed under Library Journal’s "Travel and Geography" heading. Other authors are Fred M. Shelley and John C. Hudson, who wrote the introduction.

The "Best Reference" list is a very small and select subset of all of the works reviewed during the year by Library Journal, a leading review journal for public and university libraries.