Three-week Agroforestry course offered this spring

Are you interested in learning more about how forests and trees can sustainably benefit public and private agricultural lands? This spring, the School of Natural Resources Regional and Community Forestry program will be offering a three-week Agroforestry course (NRES 417) that will explore that topic and more.

Agroforestry practices can help mitigate specific environmental concerns, from windbreaks providing shelter from wind, snow and other elements to silvopastures that use trees to provide shade, shelter and food for livestock. At the same time, agroforestry practices can benefit productivity and profitability on agricultural lands. Students who take the course will learn about the five agroforestry practices most utilized in the U.S. They will develop a better understanding of the environmental, social and economic functions and opportunities that are linked to incorporating trees into agricultural land use decisions. They will also learn more about current landowner financial and technical assistance opportunities associated with agroforestry practices, and more.

The spring 2021 mini-session class is being taught by Dr. Lord Kwakye Ameyaw. To learn more about NRES 417 and other Forestry courses, visit