Today is Day 24 | #unl24 #snr24


Today is the 24th day of September, the 24th day of classes, and 24 hours in the life of SNR.

Students, faculty and staff of the university are encouraged to be a part of history on Monday, Sept. 24, and help offer a glimpse into campus life.

Today, everyone is asked to use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media channels to document life at SNR and UNL and use the hashtags #UNL24 and #SNR24.

Share unique experiences you’re having or leading in the classroom or in extracurricular activities. Talk about what daily life is like inside your major or program. Snap a photo of what you love most on campus — the places and the people. Tell us who on campus inspires you most. Stop by the “photo stations” at Hardin Hall: A tornado, a whale, a piping plover, and more. These are just a few examples. The possibilities are endless.

If participating on Twitter, make sure your tweets are public. To post on Facebook, comment on the school’s page at or the university’s page at

If you’re not on social media, email 100 words or less to

SNR will be posting pictures on the digital signage, on its website and on the wallpaper of classrooms and conference rooms.

More information can be found at

University Communications will collect the best content and present it online at The website also has more information about how you can participate in Day 24, just click on the “about” tab.