Ebbeka Receives IANR Exemplary Service Award and Begins Her Next Adventure

Dee Ebbeka (r) receives  IANR Exemplary Service Award from Mike Boehm (l), IANR Vice Chancellor | Photo Courtesy of Loren Rye
Dee Ebbeka (r) receives IANR Exemplary Service Award from Mike Boehm (l), IANR Vice Chancellor | Photo Courtesy of Loren Rye

Dee Ebbeka, Cartographer / Graphic Artist for the Conservation and Survey Division of the School of Natural Resources received the IANR Exemplary Service Award at the recent IANR Staff Appreciation Luncheon.

The IANR Exemplary Service Award recognizes employees who have made significant and sustained contributions to the university during their career.

Ebbeka has been with the CSD/SNR for over 43 years. Her estimable skills in drafting and cartography facilitated the publication of scores of peer-reviewed journal articles, bulletins, educational circulars, maps, flyers, postcards, slide presentations, signage, and other materials.

Some quotes from her nominators:

"Dee’s work will be a lasting tribute to her many fine qualities since it is archived in so many venues. Her greatest legacy, however, will be in the hearts, minds, and lives that she touched during the past 43 years. She has been a friend to all. In fact, I have never seen Dee turn away a person—particularly a student—who needed her help. Dee has always been kind and patient, yet unafraid to offer highly constructive advice that proves to be unerringly correct. In this way I have witnessed her transform very rough ideas into literal works of art. She has greatly facilitated the communication of important scientific concepts to a wide variety of audiences. She has been collegial and constructive in all her endeavors here."

“This year I had the pleasure to work with Dee on the layout of a Hydrogeologic Field Trip Guidebook and supporting posters for the field trip stops. She does AMAZING work and her humor, never ending smile, and communication skills made a rather confusing and often frustrating process fun! She completed her work within the estimated time frame and even though we were a bit behind schedule on the posters she efficiently produced them ahead of schedule.”

“I have worked with Dee Ebbeka on many projects and as part of the communications team for the School of Natural Resources. Dee has been a joy to work from her sunny disposition and ability to adapt as projects change. And deadlines close in. Dee was part of the group of people who realized that all the different people who have communication tasks and share images/media needed to coordinate our sharing of resources. Dee brought her skills of organization to the group as we investigated different platforms to fit our needs. She has been very helpful in brainstorming ideas about ways to present information and how to create the tools that the presenter might use. Dee looks at a project and sees . . . potential challenges and give the people she works with several potential paths to achieve success with the project.”

“Dee has made contributions to the School on professional and personal levels,” said Larkin Powell, Director of the School of Natural Resources. “Dee has been a driving force behind SNR's 'Caring for Clinton' campaigns over the years.” Visitors to Hardin Hall can drop off items for the fund drive by looking for the drop-box with the famous Orange Jacket.

Ebbeka's next adventure begins in the new year as she plans for retirement. An open house will be held in her workspace (229 South Hardin Hall) on December 8, 2023 from 11 am to 2 pm.

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