SNR's Wildlife Club Celebrates Earth Day

Students destress at Wildlife Club's Earth Day celebration, on Monday, April 22.
Students destress at Wildlife Club's Earth Day celebration, on Monday, April 22.

A gentle hum drifted across the North lawn outside of Hardin Hall last Monday. Suddenly, a voice called “Pull!” and the gentle hum turned into a metallic twang. Arrows the length of an arm flew through the sky, their points dulled by rubber balls the size of an apple. The arrows stalked a plate-sized orange disc wheeling through the air. One well-aimed rod hit the target with a thump. As the two objects tumbled to the rain-soaked earth, numerous voices cheered.

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, SNR’s Wildlife Club set up an aerial archery machine on Hardin Hall’s North lawn. Armed with bows and a bucket-full of training arrows, the Club taught passersby how to nock and shoot arrows at the flying foam targets.

“It’s a good way to relieve some stress during dead week,” said Kailee Brown, a fisheries and wildlife senior and Wildlife Club member. “We figured kids could stop by on their way to class.”

Borrowing the equipment from Nebraska Game and Parks, the Club had intended to use the aerial archery machine during the UNL-wide Earth Day celebration on City Campus. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, UNL postponed the campus-wide celebration until Wednesday. The weather didn’t stop the archers, though.

“We had the equipment already,” explained Brown, “so we just moved everything over to East Campus. Why not?”

The weather cooperated throughout the three-and-a-half hours the archers aimed their bows, making the event a success.

Brown said that while the Wildlife Club was disappointed about the missed opportunity to introduce Earth-Day-fest participants to the fun of archery, “East campus still relished in the opportunity.”

“There seems to be a gap between East Campus and City Campus when it comes to hunting,” said Brown. “We wanted to use the aerial archery machine on City Campus to teach people about why we hunt and about how to be stewards of the land.”

In keeping with the spirit of Earth Day, the club also held a fishing derby at Wagon Train State Park in Hickman.

The Wildlife Club hopes to repeat the aerial archery activity at UNL’s annual Big Red Welcome. “Wildlife Club holds strong traditions within UNL,” said Brown. “We want to see the Good Life remain the Wildlife (while still having some fun).”

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