'Where Are They Now?' featuring SNR alum Tyler Goeschel

Tyler Goeschel on Snake Mountain in Addison, Vermont. (Courtesy photo)
Tyler Goeschel on Snake Mountain in Addison, Vermont. (Courtesy photo)

When Tyler Goeschel graduated from the School of Natural Resources in May 2013, he wasted no time in moving onward and upward.

"I'm always trying to better myself in one form or another," Goeschel said. "Just over this last winter break, I learned to tie a bow tie and solve a Rubik's Cube."

Armed with that undeniable thirst for self-betterment, he headed east to the University of Vermont after earning his undergraduate degree in environmental studies.

"I have a lot out there in front of me professionally," said Goeschel, now a first-year master's student in natural resources at UVM. "I'd like to teach at a university one day and continue doing relevant research in the environmental sciences realm."

Goeschel is funded as a research and teaching assistant under his adviser Carol Adair, assistant professor of climate change and adaptation at UVM.

"I really enjoy the change of scenery and all of the great people I've met so far," Goeschel said. "Burlington is a progressive and conscious city that understands its role and impacts on the environment and is actively pursuing improvements in many areas of city functionality. Surrounding the city are many natural areas perfect for exploring, so hiking during summer and now snowboarding during winter have been great."

When it comes to his schoolwork, Goeschel said he spends a lot of time conducting research and collecting data for his master's thesis project, which centers on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in various agroecosystems throughout Vermont.

"I am taking GHG samples biweekly, directly from these farmers' soil, to determine what impact various management practices have on the GHG emissions of their soil," he said.

Goeschel's interest in soil research stemmed from an internship at the Lincoln location of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, which is housed right on UNL's East Campus.

"I really just kind of got pulled into the soil realm by searching out research experiences and landing at the USDA," he said. "I think the internship jump-started my walk down the soil specialist path (and) led me to start studying soils more in depth."

During his undergraduate career, Goeschel was actively involved with SustainUNL, ASUN's Environmental Sustainability Committee and Garden Gang. He also served as the ASUN non-traditional student representative for the 2012-2013 academic year.

"I met the best people because of joining SustainUNL and then it just sort of snowballed from there," he said. "Soon I was volunteering with them and the network of good people I grew around myself was indispensable."

Goeschel said that his involvement with multiple student organizations, in addition to his SNR education, contributed to both his academic success and his personal development.

"I had a great experience during my time in SNR," he said. "I met lots of great people there and feel lucky to have crossed paths with so many good folks."

— Mekita Rivas, Natural Resources