Shulski to present "Partnering with Tribal Communities for Local Climate Assessments"

Dr. Martha Shulski, Nebraska State Climate Office director and applied climate science associate professor, will present “Partnering with Tribal Communities for Local Climate Assessments” at 2:30 p.m. April 29 in 228 Hardin Hall.
This talk, part of the 2016 Geography and Applied Ecology Seminar series, will share success stories from tribal community-led interdisciplinary collaborative efforts over drought and water resources.
The Northern plains region of the U.S. experiences rapid swings in extreme climate events. These high impact events have deleterious effects on communities and livelihoods. The area is especially susceptible to drought given the semi-arid climate conditions and competition for water resources.
The adaptive capacity for tribal communities is challenged as much, if not more, than other rural populations. Efforts are underway to support tribal leadership, natural resources managers, and associated communities to better prepare for and respond to extreme climatic events, with a particular focus on drought and water resources management.
Dr. Shulski received her bachelor’s in meteorology from North Carolina State University and her masters in agriculture meteorology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She attained her doctorate in soil science and climatology from the University of Minnesota.
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