Dauer, Poletto featured on student-produced podcast series on Women in STEM

Streaming Science
Streaming Science

Jenny Dauer and Jamilynn Poletto, professors at the School of Natural Resources, both recently were featured on episodes of the student-produced Streaming Science, aired on soundcloud.com. The theme for the nine-episode series was Women in STEM.

The students were all majoring in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Communication program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. For this series, they developed nine podcasts featuring female university scientists in the science, technology, engineering or mathematics fields.

Dauer, who researches science literacy and how students learn science, talks about how she reached her current position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She discusses the obstacles she, and many women, face within the science community, as well as a work-life balance to maintain her positions. Listen to the podcast here.

Poletto, assistant professor of fish physiology, shares her passion for fish physiology and how researching and educating students motivates her to get up every morning. Listen to the podcast here.

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