Herpetology website gains 500K users; arborist launches tree ID site

The herpetology and tree websites at SNR are designed to make information easily available to the public.
The herpetology and tree websites at SNR are designed to make information easily available to the public.

Herpetology website hits benchmark 500,000 users

Nebraska’s native amphibians, turtles and reptiles may count only 61, but they sure are garnering a lot of web attention.

The herpetology website, hosted by the School of Natural Resources, has drawn more than half a million unique visitors — and many from out of state. The top 10 states — Texas, Nebraska, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, California, Tennessee, Illinois, New York and Missouri — account for nearly 200,000 of those users.

The website was created to support Dennis Ferraro, professor of practice at SNR, in teaching both students and the public about reptiles and amphibians native to the region. The site includes identification information for each species, as well as research information and ongoing herpetology projects.

Nebraska has 29 native species of snakes, four of them venomous; nine native turtle species; 11 native frog or toad species; 10 native lizard species; and two native salamander species.

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Arborist launches tree identification site

Nebraska is home to 116 tree species, and it’s never been easier to identify them.

Eric North, SNR assistant professor of practice, with the help of Mark Mesarch, SNR webmaster, recently launched a new website dedicated to helping people identify the trees around them. The site is searchable by tree name, characteristic and even by hardiness zone.

Each entry includes available pictures of the tree, including foliage, bark, bud and fruit type. It also includes the scientific and common tree name, a description of the tree and its bark, its region of origin, and other characteristics.

Also available through the website are downloadable tree identification cards that include the same information. Though they currently are available only individually, a complete set will be available for download in the near future.

Access the site here.

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