21 graduate with degree in natural resources

Jessica Hall speaks during the School of Natural Resources graduation celebration on Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, in Hardin Hall. | Shawna Richter-Ryerson, Natural Resources
Jessica Hall speaks during the School of Natural Resources graduation celebration on Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, in Hardin Hall. | Shawna Richter-Ryerson, Natural Resources

The School of Natural Resources is sending out big congratulations to the school's 21 December graduates. They were invited to participate in commencement exercises, which took place Dec. 15 and 16 at the Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln’s Haymarket District.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln granted 1,488 degrees during commencement exercises; students graduating from SNR included students from both in state and out-of-state and one from China.

Bob Whitehouse, chairman of the NU Board of Regents, offered remarks those who participated in the university’s bachelor-degree ceremony Dec. 16.

"You are now in a position to begin very successful careers. You can improve the lives of your families and certainly give back to your communities," he said. "I commend each of you for making the decision to pursue higher education. That's a decision that will pay off for the rest of your lives, no matter what direction you choose to go."

Gwendolyn M. Combs, associate professor of management in the College of Business, delivered the address "Your Footprint in a Wonderful World" during the graduate and professional degrees ceremony Dec. 15.

"Often we underestimate our capacity to bring good into the world and to change the world in significant ways, yet I believe we have everything necessary to shine our light," she said.

Combs closed her address by urging the graduates to make their corners of the world "better, richer and more humane."

"The rich and beautiful good that you create, it moves with you," she said. "And if you are fortunate enough, you will observe spiraling around you the domino effect of your enduring footprint."

The December graduating class earned 326 new graduate and professional degrees and 1,179 new baccalaureate degrees. The university has awarded 283,881 degrees since it was founded in 1869.

SNR’s graduates

  • Brady James Petersen, Bancroft, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Courtney Ann Wissig, Bellevue, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Bryce John Schilousky, Cedar Rapids, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Chance Troy Vorderstrasse, Glenvil, grassland ecology and management.
  • Adam Wade Brown, Lincoln, water science.
  • Nicholas Ryan Coffey, Lincoln, fisheries and wildlife.
  • William Beard Davidson, Lincoln, environmental restoration science and water science.
  • Jessica Rae Hall, Lincoln, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Jehnsen Lebsock, Lincoln, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Francis J. Schlecht, Lincoln, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Victoria Anne Wickham, Lincoln, water science.
  • Nathan Douglas Garrison, Malcolm, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Robert James Clark, Omaha, water science.
  • Callie Elizabeth Seaton, Omaha, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Blake Thomas Stokes, Omaha, water science.
  • Lachel Lee Bradley-Williams, Pleasant Dale, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Tyler Lloyd Ruge, Walthill, fisheries and wildlife.
  • Rebekah Ann Wagar, Fargo, North Dakota, fisheries and wildlife.

  • Evan Bumann, of Lincoln, Master of Science.
  • Xiaochen Dong, of Tangshan, China: Master of Science.
  • Alexis Park, Chestertown, Maryland: Master of Science.

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