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A screen grab of Grace Bullington's co-created mockumentary.
A screen grab of Grace Bullington's co-created mockumentary.

Grace Bullington, senior fisheries and wildlife major, recently returned from Women Wildlife Filmmakers Workshop at the Cocobolo Nature Reserve in Panama this spring. And her mockumentary, co-created at the workshop, is online.

Bullington was selected as one of 14 to participate in the workshop, dedicated to women interested in learning how to craft stories through visual means in ways that tie wildlife. The workshop was March 2 to 11. Bullington represented the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the School of Natural Resources.

Workshop participants spent a week at the nature reserve creating a film project about the rainforest and learning how to craft a story through film. They learned from Jenny Nichols and Moran Helm, two wildlife, documentary-style filmmakers know for the films “Elk River,” “The End of Snow” and “Forgotten But Note Gone: The Pacific Fisher.” Their work has been featured with National Geographic, World Wildlife Fund, and CNN’s Great Big Story.

“I want to use this experience to better my skills of telling stories about the natural world because, as I leave college, it is important to me that I will be able to explain my research through photography, film, and stories that the general public will understand and appreciate,” Bullington said prior to her trip.

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