Hardin Hall Auditorium Now Has Assisted Listening Devices

Listen Technologies receiver
Listen Technologies receiver

The Hardin Hall auditorium is now equipped with an assisted listening system. Anyone can check out a hand-held receiver with adjustable volume from Nebraska Maps and More in the first-floor lobby across from the auditorium. The sound system in the auditorium automatically broadcasts into the receivers.

You will be asked to show identification when checking out a receiver. Once you are inside the auditorium, you can turn the unit on and adjust the volume to the desired level. Return the unit to Nebraska Maps and More as you leave the auditorium.

The assisted listening devices only work if the speaker uses one of the microphones in the auditorium. The Office of Services for Students with Disabilities will notify the professor if a student requiring special accommodations is enrolled in a course, in which case, the professor should be sure to use the microphone.

Please contact Jacki Loomis or Jim Hines with questions.