Student Spotlight: Nick Sanders

Nick Sanders
Nick Sanders

With three majors and two minors, Nick Sanders is interested in a little bit of everything. This week’s SNR Student Spotlight triple majors in Environmental Restoration Science, Grassland Ecology and Management, & Water Science and double minors in Insect Science and Fisheries and Wildlife. He hopes to use the knowledge and skills gained to help save the environment.

“After I graduate, I hope to be working in an environment or position where I can help to improve the environments and ecosystems that wildlife lives in after (the land) has been altered or changed by human activities to help restore it to its natural setting,” Sanders said.

Sanders is from Valparaiso, Nebraska, and chose to join the School of Natural Resources because it offered the majors he was interested in and could set him on the path to his dream career.

So far, Sanders has kept busy with a range of activities and internships. The junior has worked the past five years as the assistant vineyard manager at James Arthur Vineyards in Raymond, Nebraska. This year, he got an internship at Bosch as the Health/Safety/Environmental Intern.

At SNR, Sanders is a part of the Range Management Club, which allows students to think about range management issues and attend meetings and conventions. Sanders has been the primary programmer for the club for the past year.

“I really enjoy being in this club because it helps with networking and you get to meet new people and make new friendships,” Sanders said.

The club’s adviser is Walter Schacht, a professor who researches grassland ecology and management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He’s also one of Sander’s favorite professors.

“It’s a hard tie between tree biology with Eric North (of SNR) and any class with Walter Schacht,” he said.

Overall, Sanders time at SNR has brought him experience and knowledge to help him pursue his goals.

“It has helped me with networking and getting to know more people that are in my field of interests,” he said.

Alli Dickey, For the School of Natural Resources