Nebraska Outdoor U! Helps People Learn About the Outdoors

Nebraska Outdoor U!
Nebraska Outdoor U!

Want to learn to hunt, fish, camp or shoot, but don't know anyone who can teach you? Look no more. Nebraska Outdoor U! is now in session.

A joint project of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension, Nebraska Outdoor U! provides step-by-step guidance for anyone interested in taking up or sharing an outdoor activity. Majors at Nebraska Outdoor U! are called pathways, of which four currently are available to explore: hunting, camping, fishing and shooting sports. Each pathway includes six levels of achievement: Pathfinder, Explorer, Trailblazer, Pioneer, Mentor and Legacy. More pathways such as hiking and water sports are envisioned for the future.

Nebraska Outdoor U! is intended to help an increasingly urban population enjoy the outdoors. "We're losing hunters, anglers, and outdoor sports people," said Scott Stuhr, Nebraska Outdoor U! coordinator. "This program helps bring them back. I've talked to so many people that would love to get outdoors but don't have anyone to guide them through the process."

Nebraska Outdoor U! lets participants shape their own programs and encourages them to be involved with others. One of the steps they take is to attend meetings to find a nature-oriented organization that interests them, and to join and participate in it. Enrolling in the program online at is free, but participants may need to purchase equipment and pay for activities as they progress.

The program is geared for all ages. Ideally, Stuhr said, Nebraska Outdoor U! will equip participants with the skills, knowledge, and competence in the outdoors to help ensure the future of outdoor recreation in Nebraska.

For more information or to enroll, please visit, or call Scott Stuhr at 402-472-2037.

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