Employee Update: CSD Adds, Changes Staff; SNR Adds Faculty; Visitors Depart

Welcome to SNR

Dana Divine will be starting as survey hydrogeologist in the Conservation and Survey Division on February 6. She comes from the Lower Platte South Natural Resources District. Her contact information is 502 HarH, EC 0995, phone and email TBA. Supervisor: Mark Kuzila

Mary Harner is a new adjunct assistant professor. She is the science director at The Platte River Whooping Crane Maintenance Trust, Inc. in Wood River, Neb. Her email is harner.mary@gmail.com.

Adam Liska is a newly appointed courtesy assistant professor with SNR. He is the George Dempster Smith Chair of Industrial Ecology in the Departments of Biological Systems Engineering and Agronomy and Horticulture. His contact information is 203 Chase Hall, EC, 0726, 402-472-8744, aliska2@unl.edu.

Joseph Msanne is a new post-doctoral research associate. He graduated from UNL with his Ph.D. from SNR. His dissertation was on “Abiotic Stress Responses in Photosynthetic Organisms.” He will be working as an algal and plant stress physiologist. His contact information is E209 Beadle Center, CC, 0664, 402-472-5394, jmsanne@husker.unl.edu (Lotus Notes account forthcoming). Supervisor: Tala Awada.

Farewell and Thank You

Xiaoxiao Zhang’s visiting faculty appointment with Steve Hu has ended and he has returned to China.

Getachew Demisse’s visiting scholar appointment with Mike Hayes and the NDMC has ended and he has returned to Ethiopia.

Employee Changes within SNR

Jesse Korus has accepted the position of survey geologist effective Feb. 1. His contact information will remain the same. Supervisor: Mark Kuzila.

Aaron Young has accepted the position of Groundwater Resources Coordinator effective Feb. 1. His contact information will remain same. Supervisor: Mark Kuzila.