Jacht seeks students for ad agency in summer, fall

Jacht Club seeks student applicants for next semester
Jacht Club seeks student applicants for next semester

Jacht Club, UNL’s first student advertising agency, is seeking passionate, dedicated and talented students from across campus for summer and fall 2012. The agency, an incubator for cross-campus collaborations, seeks students from any major who have the skills to contribute to this start-up business.

“We are excited about having the opportunity to create a ‘real world’ advertising agency for our students. That means that we have real clients, real deadlines, real expectations and real roles to play," said Chuck Piper, creative director for the agency. "We’re looking for top-notch students, people who are committed, enthused, talented and motivated, the best of the best. We are a place where you want to bring your skills and then hone them.”

Jacht meets three times a week in the office in Lincoln’s Haymarket. The agency will be looking for students with expertise in advertising-related fields such as account management, creative and graphic design, web design, copywriting and public relations.

Jacht is also seeking students with experience in art, film, business management, computer science and finance.

Under the direction of professors Amy Struthers and Chuck Piper, Jacht serves as a three-credit-hour course elective at UNL.

Application forms are available online at thejachtclub.com beginning Feb. 13. The deadline to apply is March 1. Find more information by following Jacht Club on Facebook, and on Twitter, @Jacht_Club.

Jacht began in fall 2010 as UNL’s first student advertising agency. The students' passion for experimentation with social media, digital production, mobile media and other emerging technologies generates a unique student “ad lab” experience that yields professional and engaging strategies.

Jacht offers clients professional solutions to communications issues while allowing students to learn, explore, analyze and test fresh ideas within the constantly evolving advertising industry.

More details at: http://www.thejachtclub.com