Exhibit features work of digital arts initiative students


The work of 12 students in Jeff Thompson's Digital Arts Initiative class is featured in the new exhibition, "Ctrl/Alt/Esc: Technology and the Landscape." The exhibit is open through Dec. 17 at the Drift Station Gallery/Performance Space, 1746 N St.

The exhibition features the work of these students: Spenser Albertsen, Keegan Baker, Christie Brazer, Ella Durham, Aaron Jarzynka, Bryan Klopping, Jesse Kudron, Tony Nguyen, Jon Porter, Kan Seidel, Josh Sisco and Devin Thomas.

"Ctrl/Alt/Esc: Technology and the Landscape" showcases a semester's work by the undergraduate students in UNL's "Technology and the Landscape" course. The works range from video, sound and performance to sculpture, painting and drawing.

The course, led by Thompson, assistant professor of art, is designed as a research studio where students investigate the ways that technology allows individuals to document, transform, experience and interact with the landscape, specifically that of the Great Plains. Rather than focus on specific or directed outcomes, the course was designed to be an open forum to explore approaches to the land through historical/cultural research, reading and discussion and artistic production - all with an expanded idea of what might constitute a "technology" that included complex technology like GPS and Google Maps, and simple technologies such as a rock or plow.

The Digital Arts Initiative of the Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts is a collaborative effort among faculty from the Department of Art and Art History, the School of Music and the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film to provide interested students from all majors hands-on experience applying current technology to the arts. These elective classes bring together students from various disciplines to share their unique perspectives.

The Digital Arts Initiative is sponsored by Fine and Performing Arts and funded, in part, by the Hixson-Lied Endowment and Program of Excellence funding from the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

For more information on the Digital Arts Initiative, go to http://www.unl.edu/digitalarts/.

For more information on the exhibition, click the link below.

- Kathe Andersen, Fine and Performing Arts

More details at: http://www.driftstation.org