Weather-closing communication update, reminders

UNL faculty, staff and students are responsible for informing themselves about weather-closing information. UNL uses a wide variety of communication channels to ensure message delivery, which is especially important during emergencies. It is best to connect to or observe more than one channel to ensure you receive the latest and most complete information, and to double-check with another source.

The authoritative information site will be the UNL website, This site will report the latest and most complete information.

The UNLAlert messaging system will send alerts to e-mail addresses, cell phones via text message and voice alert, landline phones, and other devices. Everyone who attends or works at UNL is responsible for signing up for this notification system and updating their contact information. Adjunct faculty and others with an NCard also should utilize this emergency alert system. Sign up at:

Other channels that provide information include Twitter (UNLNews), local television (channels KOLN/KGIN, KETV, KLKN, KMTV,WOWT) and radio (KLIN, KFOR and KUCV). Often these media report either "open" or "closed" and there may be other information, such as whether faculty/staff should report, that may not be included by media outlets. Those affected should check for more information. Please also refer to the inclement weather policy at

For more information about emergency planning and communication, visit

More details at: