Check computer for critical updates, multiple web browsers

Apply critical updates to your computer.
Apply critical updates to your computer.

Information Services is reminding everyone to check and apply critical software updates to your computers. Updating profiles is a key way to prevent hackers, viruses and other malicious activity from compromising your computer and data. As a best practice, Information Services recommends having multiple browsers installed so that users can quickly switch to an alternative temporarily in the event of future vulnerabilities in any one browser.

Because of recent security vulnerabilities to the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, Information Services recommended that personnel temporarily stop using IE and use other web browsers. For departmental computers that are managed by the central computer management tool, the latest security updates and additional browser will be installed automatically. Updates may require users to reboot their computers to enable the fix.

For specific questions, contact your local computer support. For additional questions, please contact the Computer Help Center, 402-472-3970 or toll-free 866- 472-3970 or Email:

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