IS recommends disabling Java web browser plug-ins

Disable the java plug-in on your browser
Disable the java plug-in on your browser

Because of security concerns, UNL Information Services is recommending that all computer users disable the Java web browser plug-in on any computer. A major vulnerability was discovered that steers users to malicious websites, infecting and allowing hackers to take control of individual computers. The vulnerability is affecting an estimated 1 billion computers worldwide.

The Java exploit affects all major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. Disabling Java in Internet Explorer requires a more lengthy process, so it may be easier for most users to use an alternative browser with the Java plug-in disabled when viewing external websites. In cases where Internet Explorer is required for functionality, it is recommended that it be used with Java enabled, but only on university and not external sites.

For specific questions, contact your local computer support. For additional questions, contact the Computer Help Center, 402-472-3970 or toll-free 866- 472-3970 or Email:

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