Bias incidents can be reported online

A new UNL website allows individuals to report any campus incident that involves bias.

The website,, was developed so individuals can choose to report an incident online or in person to a member of UNL's bias response team. The UNL Bias Report is one way the university strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for faculty, staff, students, alumni and visitors.

"This website provides a mechanism for any member of our community to report an incident of bias," Chancellor Harvey Perlman said. "We have found that early reporting and attention to issues that may raise concern is the best approach, either to address a real issue or to resolve a misunderstanding.

"I hope you will use this website — and I hope the occasions for its use will be few."

Incidents that can be reported include: bias; harassment; suspected or actual discrimination; and violations of the university's computer policies, student code of conduct, or any other university policy, including the non-discrimination policy.

Actual crimes should be reported to the UNL Police Department at 402-472-2222.

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