Thefts prompt warning from UNLPD


Recent thefts East Campus offices have prompted a warning from the UNL Police Department.

"If you are going to be gone from your office for more than a minute, you need to secure all of your belongings," said Aaron Pembleton, an officer with UNLPD. "These are crimes of opportunity and it is up to you to take away that opportunity."

UNLPD is investigating two recent larcenies from a pair of East Campus buildings. In both cases, a person entered an empty office and removed a wallet and/or credit cards from a purse. The credit cards were then used at local stores before being reported missing.

"These individuals go to the store and get what they need out of the credit card," said Pembleton. "The total loss for the person has not too much, around $50 to $100. But it's an inconvenience that did not need to happen."

Investigators have video images of the perpetrators using the stolen credit cards. One of the videos helped investigators identify a suspect.

Pembleton recommended that faculty and staff lock up or take personal items when leaving an office. He said to never leave items out in the open or just place them in an unlocked drawer.

The only UNL facilities that are open to the public are the libraries and the Nebraska Unions. Pembleton said individuals must have a legitimate reason to be in all other campus buildings.

"You can't just meander through UNL buildings without a reason to be there," said Pembleton. "If you see someone who is not familiar to your area, call the police. We'll come and talk to them. That's what we're here for."

If you are suspicious of someone in a university building, contact UNL police by calling 472-2222.

- Troy Fedderson, University Communications