Tree vandalism still under investigation


Four trees on City Campus were damaged recently - one probably destroyed - and that leaves UNL Landscape Services disappointed and asking for help promoting respect for the campus landscape.

The vandalism was reported Aug. 29 to University Police. Two maples, one crabapple and a Serviceberry, or "amelanchier," specimen were damaged - bark ripped off, small and large limbs broken off and hanging. The amelanchier, according to Eileen Bergt, director of Landscape Services, was one of a trio planted near Love Library about 10 years ago, and with a caliper of about 4 inches, will cost as much as $500 to replace. Bergt feared the extensive damage will kill it or cause it to be removed. Damage to the other three trees was less extensive, but still concerning and potentially expensive.

"A lot of people were really angry and upset about this damage to the trees," Bergt said, "so we're hoping there is a renewed sense of passion and commitment among the community to remind people to respect our campus natural resources. We would appreciate everyone's help watching to make sure new or established plantings aren't being harmed."

Police continue the investigation of the vandalism. Anyone with reports of inappropriate behavior on campus property should call UNL police immediately at 472-2222.