Mackenzie will speak at today's nutrigenomics seminar

Gerardo Mackenzie from Stony Brook State University of New York, will present a seminar, “Cancer Control with Nutritional and Pharmacological Agents,” at 11:30 a.m. today in Room 304 Leverton Hall.

Mackenzie’s research has been focused in the area of nutrition and cancer biology, evaluating novel targets and mechanism-based bioactive nutrients as well as pharmacological agents for the management of cancer.

Mackenzie is particularly interested in evaluating gene-nutrient interactions, with an emphasis on how select bioactive food components can influence the expression of select genes linked to inflammation and its relationship to acquire certain cancers. He utilizes a number of biochemical, cellular, molecular and toxicological techniques in animal models of inflammation and cancer.

A reception, with refreshments, will follow the seminar. All interested faculty, students, and staff are welcome.