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Recent stories
Feb 20 2024
Lincoln Journal Star: LPS, UNL staff excited about Nebraska Business focus program

The Lincoln Journal Star published a Feb. 20 article on the forthcoming Nebraska Business focus program at Lincoln’s Standing Bear High School. The space on the high school’s third floor is currently being used for a pre-pathway program, which uses the World of Business class to introduce underclassmen to the focus program. Lindsay Tillinghast, the program’s director, was interviewed for the story.

Feb 20 2024
KNOP: Blizzard frequency might decrease in US, study finds

A first-of-its-kind study from Liang Chen, assistant professor of Earth and atmospheric sciences, has projected decreases in both severe wind and extreme snowfall — the two elements that team up to produce blizzards. Stories on the research have appeared in KGFW, KNOP, KOLN/KGIN, Rural Radio Network, Newsweek and PreventionWeb.

Feb 19 2024
KOLN/KGIN: How UNL club dodgeball continues to have success

KOLN/KGIN aired a Feb. 19 story on the university’s club dodgeball team, which is 7-0 this season and ranked ninth nationally. Coach Trey Sumrall, team president and captain Caleb Fowler and team member Kenzie Prauner were interviewed for the story.

Feb 19 2024
KOLN/KGIN: UNL research team receives $25,000 from NIH challenge

Janos Zempleni, Willa Cather Professor of molecular nutrition, and Jiantao Guo, professor of chemistry, have been selected as Phase 1 winners in the National Institutes of Health’s Targeted Genome Editor Delivery Challenge, KOLN/KGIN reported Feb. 19. With the $25,000 prize, the researchers will advance development of universal milk exosomes — natural nanoparticles contained in milk — capable of transporting gene editors to any location in the body.

Feb 18 2024
NBC News: Heavier vehicles strain guardrails during crashes, study finds

The Midwest Roadside Safety Facility on Jan. 31 released the results of two crash tests indicating that a common guardrail system used on many roads cannot handle electric vehicles, which are heavier and have a lower center of gravity. Stories on the results have appeared in KETV, KMTV, KNEP, KNOP, KOLN/KGIN, KSNB, the Lincoln Journal Star, Nebraska Public Media, ABC News, The Associated Press, Business Insider, The Hill, MSN, NBC News, The Verge, Yahoo! News and numerous other media outlets.

Feb 17 2024
KOLN/KGIN: UNL uses grant to further methane research

A Husker research team led by Paul Kononoff, professor of animal science, has received $5 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to research more sustainable dairy and beef production, KOLN/KGIN reported Feb. 17. Kononoff and fellow Department of Animal Science faculty Matt Spangler and Rick Stowell were interviewed for the story.

Feb 16 2024
New Food magazine: Can Africa grow more rice and alleviate food insecurity?

Africa’s rice sector has major opportunities to increase its yield gains through improved agronomic practices while avoiding massive land conversion, a study by international scientists finds. Patricio Grassini, Sunkist Distinguished Professor of Agronomy at Nebraska, coordinated the team. New Food magazine ran a Feb. 16 article on the study.

Feb 16 2024
Lincoln Journal Star: 4 Lincoln students at UNL selected as Matousek Scholars

Four students from Lincoln in the College of Journalism and Mass Communications have been selected as Matousek Scholars for the spring semester, the Lincoln Journal Star reported Feb. 16. The scholars serve as student leaders of the Experience Lab, coordinating day-to-day operations under faculty guidance.

Feb 16 2024
The Fence Post: Smith to deliver Feb. 20 lecture on international trade

Rep. Adrian Smith of Nebraska’s 3rd Congressional District will deliver a Feb. 20 presentation at the university highlighting challenges and opportunities in international trade as the Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance marks its fifth anniversary throughout this academic year. The Fence Post ran a Feb. 16 article on the lecture.

Feb 16 2024
Nebraska Public Media's 'Friday LIVE': Dawes discusses Marley's lasting impact

Kwame Dawes, George Holmes Distinguished Professor of English and Glenna Luschei Editor of Prairie Schooner, was interviewed Feb. 16 for Nebraska Public Media’s “Friday LIVE” program. Dawes, author of the 2002 book “Bob Marley: Lyrical Genius,” discussed his love for the reggae icon and the musician’s lasting impact. Dawes also read a poem he wrote about the twilight of Marley’s life.

Feb 16 2024
KOLN/KGIN: UNL students aim to expand education on active shooter situations

A student team from the College of Journalism and Mass Communications recently placed third in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Invent2Prevent competition, KOLN/KGIN reported Feb. 16. The annual contest challenges participants to develop programs that prevent targeted violence and terrorism in their local communities. Team members Kayla Enfield and Joselyn Vacek, both senior advertising and public relations majors, and Bryan Wang, associate professor of advertising and public relations, were interviewed for the story.

Feb 16 2024
The Washington Post: With a dire warning, concerns rise about conflict in space with Russia

Jack Beard, director of the Space, Cyber and National Security Law Program, was quoted in a Feb. 15 Washington Post article on revelations that Russia may be seeking to deploy a nuclear weapon in space. “As space gets more and more crowded, you would not be eager to cause widespread destruction in orbit,” he said. “The Russians have shown their recklessness with their (2021) antisatellite mission. It was an irresponsible move that hurt everyone, including them. So they’re not beyond doing reckless saber rattling.”