It’s Time For Members and Leaders To Re-Enroll In 4-H!

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The 4-H year is Oct. 1–Sept. 30 and, since it is a new 4-H year, all 4-H members, organizational leaders and project leaders must re-enroll for the 2023–2024 4-H year (even if you just enrolled in August or September) (Note: project volunteers and parent helpers do not need to enroll as volunteers). New members and projects may be updated through June 15.

The website to enroll or re-enroll is

New in Fall 2023: The project listing in 4honline has been narrowed down from 200+ projects to approximately 50 youth project areas. For example: “Design Decisions” is now under “Home Design & Restoration.” “Aerospace” is now under “STEM: Rockets.” “STEAM Clothing 1” is now under “Textile, Quilts & Apparel.” See the 2023–24 4-H Project List at

The process to enroll or re-enroll is easy and only takes a few minutes per member or volunteer. Only parents/guardians may enroll 4-H members. Each 4-H household will need to initially set up a profile in which the 4-H youth and/or volunteers in the household will be added. For returning families/volunteers, please do not create a new account — use your previous log-in credentials. There is no fee to enroll in 4-H in Lancaster County.

NOTE: The only required health information is regarding allergies. The rest is needed only if a child is planning to attend an overnight camp or campus event.

Step-by-step instructions for new and returning members, as well as new and returning club leaders, are at If you have questions about the process, contact the 4-H staff at or 402-441-7180.

For enrollment to be complete, a club must be selected (or Lancaster Independent or FFA chapter).

INDEPENDENT MEMBERS: 4-H members enrolling as independent need to select “Lancaster Independent” under “Club.”

FFA MEMBERS: FFA members need to select TCA FFA, Crete FFA, Norris FFA, Raymond Central FFA or Waverly FFA under “Club.”

VOLUNTEERS: 4-H club and project leaders must re-enroll every year. Currently enrolled 4-H club leaders can access their 4-H club’s roster at by calling 402-441-7180 or emailing to receive a password.