Pi-Radio hiring full-time engineer


Pi-Radio is a Brooklyn-based startup building next-generation millimeter wave software-defined radios (mmWave SDRs). The company's vision is to democratize experimental wireless research through: a) affordable and bleeding-edge SDRs; and b) free and open-source reference software implementations.

Pi-Radio’s target customers are wireless R&D engineers in academic, governmental, and industry laboratories. The overarching goal is to provide these researchers with the hardware, software, and support that they need to successfully include real-world experimentation in their research activities.

Pr-Radio is looking for a full-time engineer* with the following technical qualifications and skills:
• Education: MS / PhD preferred, but we are open to highly motivated undergrads with research experience;
• Very proficient with Embedded Systems: FPGA-based design and implementation, Verilog/VHDL programming, Zynq-based designs (preferably with the Xilinx RFSoC);
• Very proficient with languages: MATLAB, Python, and C++
• Experience working with SDR systems, and contributing code to shared wireless testbeds and/or GitHub;
Here is kind of person we are looking to hire:
• Passionate about experimental wireless research;
• Keen to take ownership and responsibility on delivering significant chunks of fairly complex projects;
• Values rigor and eschews engineering short-cuts;
• Committed to nurturing and supporting our customers while they learn how to use our SDR products, get up to speed, and finally produce impressive research products;
• Understanding that being an early startup employee involves not only engineering work, but also sharing responsibilities related to admin, grant writing, and business development. In other words, we are not looking for “just an engineer”. We are looking for someone who will also feel like a technical co-founder.

If this vision of democratizing experimental mmWave research sounds exciting to you, and feel that you might be the right fit, please send an email to founders@pi-rad.io with the following information:
• Your resume/CV;
• Link to your GitHub page, demonstrating relevant research and development experience;
• Any information that demonstrates that systems you have built, and code you have produced, are being used by others in their research;
• Any information that demonstrates your commitment to education and curriculum development.

Pi-Radio values equity, diversity, and inclusion; we especially encourage candidates from historically underrepresented groups to apply.

*Remote working (including for international applicants) will be evaluated on a case by case basis.