CSE Spotlight: Grace Thomas and #LNK Coding Women Group

CSE Spotlight on Grace Thomas and #LNK Coding Women
CSE Spotlight on Grace Thomas and #LNK Coding Women

Grace answered some questions for Bits & Bytes about #LNK Coding Women and how her background in computer science has helped.

1. How did you become interested in computer science?
Digital humanities is a field that employs computational methods to discover new information about the humanities. Within English literature, for example, it allows a scholar to review many texts without individually reading each text. I am very interested in pursuing these opportunities in my future career. This led to my interest in computer science, because I believe knowing how to write the programs is key to answering big questions about the humanities.

2. The website says the group was created to begin learning Python, how did you all meet initially?
Three other founding members, Elizabeth Lorang, Karin Dalziel, and Stacy Rickel all work at UNL Libraries. Elizabeth and Karin work in the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, which is how our paths crossed with my own research interests, and Stacy is a computer programmer and analyst for UNL Libraries. Once we began meeting, Python seemed like the most accessible language for our range of current skills, so we decided to learn and build on Python.

3. Where do group meetings usually take place?
Our group meetings typically take place in the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities in Love Library, but also at individual residences. As the group grows and fluctuates, we hope to find a static location in which to hold our biweekly and monthly meetings.

4. How have your computer science courses helped you?
My computer science classes have given me a background for programming concepts in any language. By knowing structural concepts, I am able to learn a language, such as python, more efficiently and communicate questions.

#LNK Coding Women is always looking for new people to join no matter their experience level with technology and coding. If you’re interested please sign up on their list serve at http://www.lnkcodingwomen.org

More details at: http://lnkcodingwomen.org