CSE Bits & Bytes | Two Students Present Papers at ISSRE in Japan

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Two UNL Students Present Papers in Japan

Zhihong Xu and Brady Garvin, two UNL PhD students, presented papers at the International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering in Hiroshima, Japan. The conference focuses on increasing safety measures with the advancement of new technology, such as smart phones and cloud computing. Continue reading…


Finals - What You Need to Know

Finals.jpgDecember has arrived and CSE would like to take this opportunity to prepare students for their upcoming exams. In order to help our students succeed, we have compiled a list of resources available around campus, along with some general advice. Finally, CSE wishes you the best of luck! Continue reading…


Course Evaluations

images.jpegAs courses draw to a close, it's again time for evaluations. Bits & Bytes summarizes the value of student evaluations and the weight the department places on them. We also address the issue of anonymity that deters many students from giving honest evaluations. Continue reading…

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