Finalize your fall schedule

Advising corner
Advising corner

Fall 2018 registration is now open. Registration is based on priority depending on class standing and then a randomization using NUID numbers. Each semester your day and time should change based on this system.

Some students may encounter closed courses as they register. If you do, we recommend that you review your degree audit (your Degree Audit can be found in MyRed on your Home Page) and determine if there are other courses that will help you make progress toward your intended graduation date.

That being said, you can keep those original planned classed in your shopping cart to check on availability later. There is often some movement in these classes, based on a variety of factors. We recommend you check occasionally on the availability for new space openings.

Other tips:
· Review the prerequisites for courses to be sure you can stay in the courses in which you register, and that you are making progress toward your intended graduation goals.
· If a waitlist is available for a closed course, get on it. If a waitlist is not in MyRed, you can email the instructor to determine if s/he will offer a waitlist.
· Use your degree audit to formulate a plan to graduation that allows you to see various routes to graduation. Again, the degree audit is found in MyRed on your home page.
· Use the CSE website to determine when CSE technical electives may be offered:
—Here you will find a “Course offering guide”. It should be noted that future course offerings can change, but it is a great way to begin the process of planning.

· The required CSCE 486 or 488 Professional Development course is a fall only course
· The required CSCE 487 or 489 Senior Design course is a spring only course and must immediately follow the professional development course

Schedule a meeting with an advisor (usually through MyPlan) to review your plan to graduation, but be aware at this time of the semester appointments are filling fast. Advisors are here year round.

If you cannot get in to see a CSE advisor immediately, you can schedule a meeting for later, but register for classes using your degree audit as a guide. You can also receive walk-in assistance with your advisor if they're available, in CAS advising in Oldfather 107, or ESS Advising in Nebraska Hall W204.

You can find your advisor in your “Success Network” in MyPlan. MyPlan is found in Canvas (look in settings) or at

In general, there will be courses available that meet degree requirements but thoughtful planning can lessen the stress and keep you on track. As always, the advisors are here to help.