Spots available in AGAM online summer camp

All Girls All Math is a summer camp for high school girls that is held by the Department of Mathematics and the Center for Science, Mathematics, and Computer Education on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. Our main goal is to encourage high-school-aged girls who are interested in, have a talent in, or just want to know more about the STEM fields.

This year, our in-person camp was scheduled for the week of July 12-18, 2020. However, because of the forecasted health concerns regarding COVID-19, we are switching to an online format that week. Right now, we have 3 spots open. We want to be sure to offer this free, educational summer opportunity to Nebraska students. If you know of any young women in your classes who you think would gain a lot from this experience, please recommend her to the AGAM program.

Reach out to undergraduate coordinator Samantha Wolff at for a sample schedule. Thank you for your help. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.