NMSSI, NebraskaMATH celebrate another successful summer

NMSSI Math 800T in Scottsbluff in June 2012
NMSSI Math 800T in Scottsbluff in June 2012

Congratulations to all of the Nebraska teachers who completed courses this summer through the Nebraska Math and Science Summer Institutes or other NebraskaMATH programs. We had a successful summer with 363 distinct teachers choosing from nearly 50 courses, for a total of 731 registrations.

See if you can find yourself or your colleagues in our website's slideshow (http://scimath.unl.edu/nmssi) of photos from across the state. We also have featured a fieldbook from a math teacher as well as a science teacher from GEOS 898: Methods of Geoscience Field Instruction, on this new NMSSI site. Flip through the pages to see the photos, soil samples, flowers, and hand-written notes by teachers along their 14-day trip through Nebraska and Wyoming. Mark your calendar for next June and sign up for GEOS 898: Methods in Geoscience Field Instruction this coming March!

Read what teachers had to say about their experiences this summer:

"I am getting really excited about coming to class and finding out what else I will be able to learn. This is so exciting." MATH 896 Grand Island June 5

"Amazing instructor and classmates made the class so worth taking." Math 800T NMSSI Scottsbluff June 8

"Understanding place value is huge! I thought it was an elementary concept but it is VITAL to so much more." Math 800T NMSSI Ainsworth June 8

"It came full circle today! It was perfect going through the museum to wrap up what we learned. … I felt so overwhelmed the first day but now I can look at North America and truly understand most of its formation. I have learned an immense amount of material I can pass on to my students!" GEOS 898: Geology of North America NMSSI Lincoln July 13

"I am developing a much better understanding of interest equations. I had no idea how the equations were derived before this class." Math 809 NMSSI Lincoln July 9

"I've taken at least 18 post-graduate courses and these two weeks have been the most beneficial for me. The instructors were all so patient and treated us all with respect. I've learned so much that I can take back and share with my students and colleagues. Thank you so much!" Math 801P PMC4 Omaha June 29

"I have truly enjoyed the last two weeks. It has been interesting, exhausting, stressful, overwhelming, but most of all it has changed the way I think about math and how to teach it. You have pushed my abilities to the limit and made me think better than I ever have. I appreciate all the help and support that you have all given to me and the others in the cohort. I know that I’m leaving here a better teacher with lots of other teachers to turn to when I get stuck or need support. What an amazing experience. I hope that more teachers can go through this experience in the future." Math 801P PMC4 Omaha June 29

More details at: http://go.unl.edu/by4