NATM offering transport to NCTM in Denver

NCTM's national conference is coming to Denver and the Nebraska Association of Teachers of Math would like to take you there! NATM is organizing a 56-passenger luxury bus (or possibly two) to transport NATM members to Denver in April 2013.

If you are not currently an NATM member, a small amount of money and a filled out form will get you there. Although all the details have not been finalized, the plan is to have a rented luxury bus load some teachers first at Lincoln and then make three other stops along I-80 to pick up additional passengers.

For a deposit of around $50 (total cost around $80), you could claim your spot on the bus. The deadline for the deposit will be Dec. 31, 2012, so watch the next NATM newsletter for the finalized details. Some grants are being written to help reduce your cost to nothing!

Try to envision this scenario: Nebraska math teachers, already tied together by a common bond of students and mathematics, let an experienced driver take them down the road in style to an incredible convention that will change your teaching career forever. Not only will the sessions and national speakers be incredible, but the bonding and informal discussion during the trip will certainly be a breath of fresh air to help us gear up for all the trials, tribulations, and lesson plans that we face daily.

Participants will be required to register on their own for the conference and to make their own hotel plans. The bus would drop you off on Wednesday night, April 17, near several large hotels within walking distance of the convention center. The bus would then pick you up early Saturday afternoon, April 20, for the return trip after 2 days of incredible sessions on Common Core standards, technology, all levels of instruction, plus some nationally known motivational speakers.

If you want to make the trip even more special and less costly, make a proposal to speak at the conference. The deadline is May 1 for speaker proposals and can be found on the NCTM website. If you are selected to be a speaker, your registration for the conference will be free. NCTM is always looking for innovative sessions and Nebraska teachers can certainly fit the bill.

Please consider attending and start planning for next year's budget. Superintendents and schools need to be made aware of how important this professional development is.

Contact Tom Price at for more information.

Also, remember to sign up for the NATM Fall Conference on Monday, Sept. 24, at The Cornhusker Hotel in Lincoln: