Looking for an online mathematics course for teachers?

If you are a secondary teacher wishing to take a mathematics course online, note that during the Fall 2012 semester, the UNL Department of Mathematics is offering two distance education courses for secondary mathematics teachers: Math 811T and Math 808.

Math 811T: Functions for High School Teachers
Description: A study of functions in the pre-calculus high school mathematics curriculum from an advanced viewpoint. Functions will be investigated by examining their utility in more advanced courses and applications, enabling teachers to better understand the important aspects and appropriate emphasis of a concept. Content will include polynomial, circular (trig), and exponential functions, and their connections to calculus.

Math 808: Mathematics for High School Teachers II (this is a graduate version of a course recently designed as the capstone experience for undergraduate pre-service secondary teachers)
Description: Participants in this course will analyze the connections between college mathematics and high school algebra and geometry. Prerequisites: undergraduate abstract algebra and concepts in geometry.

If you are interested in either of these courses, contact Lindsay Augustyn at laugustyn2@unl.edu.