Two math courses offered online in spring semester

In order to help meet the needs of teachers who wish to take graduate courses designed for mathematics teachers, but whose busy schedules require flexible scheduling in order to make this happen, the UNL Department of Mathematics is planning to begin offering mathematics courses for teachers online on a regular basis.

To begin, the department will offer two online courses in spring 2013; one aimed at high school teachers, the other designed for middle level teachers.

The main goal of this course is to strengthen the mathematical background needed for teaching high school geometry. The course will focus on fundamental concepts of Euclidean geometry, with explorations of non-Euclidean geometry for contrast. The course will make use of manipulatives and the dynamic geometry software GeoGebra.

The Mathematics Department will also offer a course that is intended for an audience of teachers of middle-level grades. We are currently in the process of identifying an instructor and will make this information available as soon as possible.

If you would like to register for Math 812T or indicate an interest in a course for middle level teachers, contact us at, and we will send you the registration information as soon as it's available.