Math in the Middle featured in MAA publication

MAA's Resources for Preparing Middle School Mathematics Teachers
MAA's Resources for Preparing Middle School Mathematics Teachers

The MAA has published an e-book (which can also be ordered in print) of articles about middle school math professional development, titled "Resources for Preparing Middle School Mathematics Teachers," by
editors Cheryl Beaver, Laurie Burton, Maria Fung, and Klay Kruczek. The volume has two chapters about Math in the Middle. The first is Chapter 6: The Math in the Middle Institute: Strengthening Middle Level Teachers' Mathematical and Pedagogical Capacities, by Ruth M. Heaton, W. James Lewis, and Wendy M. Smith. The second is Chapter 16: Challenging Yet Accessible Mathematics Courses for Middle Level Teachers, by Heaton, Lewis, Michelle R. Homp, Steven R. Dunbar, and Smith.

NebraskaMATH co-PI and retired Professor Ira Papick also has a chapter about a project he did while working for the University of Missouri Columbia.

The editors of this volume, under the sponsorship of the Committee on the Mathematical Education of Teachers, organized two contributed paper sessions at the Joint Mathematics Meetings entitled "Content Courses for the Mathematical Education of Middle School Teachers" in 2007 and "Curriculum Materials for Pre-service Middle School Mathematics Teachers" in 2008. They invited participants from these two sessions as well as colleagues heavily involved in the mathematics education of middle school teachers to write articles on both programs and courses.
They have chosen the articles that appear in this volume for several purposes: to disseminate various middle school programs structures, to detail methods of teaching specific middle school teachers content courses, and to share materials and resources. While each article describes the unique program or course of its respective institution, each also includes a common core of information to provide some consistency to the volume.

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